Kelly Ramsay

PhD. Statistics, Msc Statistics, BSc. Statistics and Actuarial Science
Assistant Professor

York University

Toronto, Canada

The main goal of my research is to develop nonparametric and robust modelling tools for complex data. Some of the areas I have worked in are differential privacy, functional data, f-MRI and high-dimensional statistics. I am currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University. I have a PhD. from the University of Waterloo in Canada under Shoja Chenouri. Much of my work strikes an even balance between theoretical backing, computability and simulations and real data applications. Much of my published research has theoretical leanings, however, I worked as a statistical consultant at the University of Waterloo for several years, and was also a technical analyst for Bison transport, where I have worked on many applied problems. I have also worked on several R packages and participated in large scale webscraping projects.


  • 2018-2022 PhD. Statistics, University of Waterloo

  • 2016-2018 MSc. Statistics, University of Manitoba

  • 2012-2016 BSc.(Hons.) Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Manitoba


Major Awards:

    • 2019 Canada Graduate Scholarship-Doctoral, NSERC

    • 2021 Sprott Scholarship, University of Waterloo

    • 2016 Canada Graduate Scholarship-Masters, NSERC

    • 2017 SSC Student Presentation Award, SSC

    • 2019 Outstanding Research by an M.Sc. Student, University of Manitoba

Conference Participation:

  • 2022 Presentation: The Privacy-Accuracy Trade-off for Multivariate Medians, Kelly Ramsay, Aukosh Jagannath and Shoja'eddin Chenouri Field's Workshop on Differential Privacy 2022

  • 2022 Presentation: Medians, the Cost of Privacy & the Exponential Mechanism, Kelly Ramsay, Aukosh Jagannath and Shoja'eddin Chenouri ICORS 2022

  • 2021 Presentation: Privatizing Data Depth Functions, Kelly Ramsay and Shoja'eddin Chenouri SSC 2021

  • 2019 Presentation: Multivariate Change-point Detection: A Nonparamteric Method for Multiple Change-point Detection in the Covariance Matrix of a Time Series, Kelly Ramsay and Shoja'eddin Chenouri WSAS 2019

  • 2018 Presentation: Some Results on the Projection Median, Kelly Ramsay, Stephane Durocher and Alexandre Leblanc SSC 2018

  • 2017 Presentation: Computing the Projection Median in R3, Kelly Ramsay, Stephane Durocher and Alexandre Leblanc SSC 2017

  • 2017 Case Study Poster: Classifying IBS Patients, Kelly Ramsay, Shamsia Sobhan, Inesh Prabuddha, and Kanika Grover SSC 2017